Introducing Broadcast Control

Adobe Connect rooms have a 'Host and Presenter Area' that only hosts and presenters can see. Any pod placed in this area is also visible only to them. This space makes it easier for event moderators to communicate, keep important notes handy, track audience activity, and more. These features all help the team run smoother webinars and training sessions.

With the Adobe Connect Spring Realise 2024, Adobe Connect rooms are enhanced with 'Broadcast Control', which acts like a virtual green room in your Connect space. It's perfect for the team to talk, test sound, and check cameras without participants seeing or hearing anything.

To activate the feature, turn ON the toggle for Enable Broadcast Control under the Broadcast control tab of the room Preferences dialog.
Additionally, you can choose if you want the recording to be synced with the broadcast or not.

Once you’ve enabled Broadcast Control, the virtual green room feature is activated, and you’ll find the Broadcast Control pod in the Host & Presenter Area. A message will notify you that the broadcast is currently off, allowing your team to make any necessary adjustments without participants seeing or hearing anything.

When everything is set and you’re ready to go live, just click the 'Start Broadcast' button in the pod within the Host & Presenter area. With this simple action, the broadcast will be live, ensuring a smooth transition from preparation to presentation.

In the meantime, the participants will get a message letting them know that the broadcast is about to begin.

Once the broadcast has started, you can pause it if you need to meet with your team to discuss something that comes up during the live session, troubleshoot a problem, or take a break. When you pause the broadcast, you can also choose whether to continue recording or not.

When you're ready to go live again, simply press 'Resume,' and the broadcast will be active once more.

To end your session, simply click 'End' to stop the broadcast.

We encourage you to explore these new tools to improve your team's workflow and deliver outstanding training sessions. If you need assistance or have any questions, our support team is just a click or call away.

Happy broadcasting and we can't wait to see how you use Adobe Connect to create impactful online events!

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