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We are committed to continue delivering value to our customers ensuring that the global Adobe Connect service remains as reliable as possible in serving our clients in these difficult times.
Beside expanding the trial of 90 days, Connect Innovation provides online course for each and any kind of users of Adobe Connect, no matter if you are experienced one, or you just started to use Adobe Connect.

To all our clients and new users who are using webinars and meeting for online sessions we are offering one of our best solutions adjusted especially for their needs.

Webinar in a box is an Adobe Connect webinar package backed up by a highly professional local support for the organization of impressive online events. Webinar in a box enables organizations to increase attendance, boost response rates, and generate more interest for an event by providing a rich and engaging, highly interactive, and effective online environment.

This package will ensure participants can join your webinars instantly, enable easy webinar access from mobile devices with Adobe Connect Mobile, simplify event registration and follow-up by automating email invitations, confirmations, reminders, and post-event communications and will allow you to record meetings for future viewing and enjoy all the functionalities of a live meeting in a recorded webinar as well.
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You can be an individual who wants to learn more for Adobe or you might be part of the company that uses Adobe Connect as a solution. With these courses, you can easily become an expert, improve your knowledge of Adobe Connect and get your Meeting host certificate!
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Register our webinars and learn more on how to use Adobe Connect. It is a great chance to understand the purpose of Adobe Connect better, to learn all the features it offers and what are the best things that make this software better than any other similar software. Register for free!
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The Connect Innovation team works with you before, during, and after your online event in order to help you with all the aspects of your webinar and help you achieve all of your goals.

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  • Updater 10.6.2a for Adobe Connect

    By the second week of June, all Adobe Connect Hosted cluster servers currently running on Adobe Connect version 10.6.2, will be updated to 10.6.2a. This updater does not require any downtime or maintenance window.

  • The EdTech Awards 2020 Winner!

    Connect Innovation proudly announces that Adobe Connect is a Cool Tool winner for 2020, winning “Best collaboration solution for Digital Learning“  on the EdTech Awards which are one of the largest recognition programs in all of the education technology

  • What's New in Adobe Connect 10.8?

    Adobe Connect 10.8 is a limited release and as such will only be available for on-premise and Managed services deployments. With Adobe Connect 10.8, the hosts and presenters will be able to seamlessly start a meeting, a virtual classroom, or a webinar with HTML client in their web browser without downloading additional software.

  • Adding Interaction To Bring Your Virtual Classrooms Alive

    We all know that engagement is critical in a virtual classroom, but that doesn’t mean that designing engagement into your sessions is easy. Having a dynamic speaker and relevant content can go a long way, but it’s adding interaction into your classroom experiences that can make the most impact.

  • Multi-layered Security for Virtual meetings, Trainings and Classrooms

    The way we live, work, and collaborate has changed in this new world. We are spending much more time online sharing personal & enterprise confidential information in a virtual session. It has never been more important to know and ensure that your current collaboration solution is secure enough.

  • Adobe Connect for Covid19 - Our Help Center

    Webinar in a box is an Adobe Connect webinar package backed up by a highly professional local support for the organization of impressive online events.

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