What is A Virtual Classroom?

Distance learning has gained popularity during the Corona 19 pandemic where technology has been implemented as a part of our life even more than before. One of the life segments where technology has made changes is education and because of that, there are now worldwide shifts in business and education toward remote work and remote learning.


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What is a virtual classroom?
Virtual classroom advantages.
Virtual classroom disadvantages.
Virtual classroom effectiveness

A virtual classroom or online classroom is an online learning environment that allows instructors and learners (customers, partners, or any third party) to connect online in a live synchronous setting. Just like in a real-world classroom, in the virtual classroom, the teacher/instructor and the students/learners engage and interact with each other, and work in groups together.

In many ways, an online classroom simply mirrors the physical classroom. There the learner must have a view of the instructor and hear him/her lecturing, a good view of the presentation, the whiteboard, and the rest of the learning materials shared in the online classroom.

Virtual classes are having a number of advantages but also there are some disadvantages, let’s go over them so you get get the full picture of virtual classrooms:

Virtual classroom advantages

1. Accessibility and global reach

One of the most important benefits of online classes is accessibility. Students/learners from anywhere in the world can participate in a virtual class with only an internet connection. This means that learners can gain education from lectures who are living thousands of kilometers away from them.

2. Low-cost

Online classes are not requiring travel costs, money for rent, and food. The only investment in holding classes is the platform where the classes are taking place but that is a one-time investment and compared to the expenses that are avoided, we can say that online classes cost less.

3. More convenient

The easy access and the low cost make them more convenient for both sides.
Instructors don’t have to spend a lot of money on organizations and with that, the cost to follow the lectures is also going down.

4. Flexibility

Virtual classes can be created and scheduled to fit the learners’ needs and lower or remove the impact that they have on the other segments of life.

Virtual classroom disadvantages

1. Increased time spent in front of screens

In today's world spending time before the screen is inevitable. Online classes are just adding to this problem. Excessive screen time has a lot of negative impacts like bad posture, headaches, dry eyes, and more.

2. Technical issues

Noting disrupt an online class like a technical issue with the sound, video, the internet connection. Even tho we have come a long way in producing quality equipment and an internet connection, technical issues can still create problems holding online lectures.

3. Isolation and self-discipline

People are social beings. Spending long hours before the screen and studying alone can create a feeling of isolation and requires extra energy for studying.

Even tho there are learners/students who enjoy this way of gaining knowledge and not-having direct contact is giving them more confidence there are still the ones who struggle with learning from or focusing on screens.

Virtual training is a tremendous benefit in many situations, however, always be sure to examine both sides of the coin!

Virtual classroom effectiveness

Virtual classes in corporate environments are used for internal training (employees learning new skills or upgrading the existing ones) and also external (companies are training customers on how to use their products)

According to research:

  • It takes around 50% less time to learn the same skills through a virtual class than in a traditional classroom thanks to better efficiency and accessibility.
  • 42% of companies report that adopting virtual training resulted in increased revenue.
  • Employees themselves experienced a 60% increase in knowledge retention when working with virtual classrooms as opposed to regular ones.

source: https://www.cloudshare.com/virtual-it-labs-glossary/what-is-a-virtual-classroom/

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