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Deliver personalized learning experience to customers and employees alike.

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Engage customers, increase sales, and develop employee skills with Adobe Learning Manager, the award-winning learning platform that integrates learning experiences into your brand’s website and apps.

Engaged learners lead to better numbers.

Adobe Learning Manager lets you easily create personalized, on-brand learning experiences that bring a wealth of benefits.

Retain customers and employees

Increase customer lifetime value

Reduce customer support costs

Boost sales and partner team performance

Maintain compliance through training

Widen and expend your learning programs.

One platform for every learning experience.

Support hybrid learning and create a unified learning experience that gives users a complete view of all of the available learning content through a single dashboard.

Built for personalized learning.

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) tailor learning journeys with relevant recommendations that drive curiosity and motivate achievement.

Guided learning journeys.

Create structured learning programs with internal and external learning groups, automated user onboarding, and course assignment. Enrich your course library with over 86,000 courses from the content marketplace.

Learning that’s engaging.

Social learning, gamification, alerts, leaderboards, personalized emails, and other features keep learners engaged, drive interest, and promote peer discussion.

Actionable insight from analytics.

Easy-to-read, detailed reporting makes it easy to get the high-level and granular view of team progress, making it easy to plan, adjust, and strengthen your learning program as well as intervene when learners are off track.

When to use Adobe Learning Manager?

Explore customer, partner, sales training solutions & corporate training solutions.

Learning that drives business & enables a future-ready workforce.

Customer education


Increase the loyalty and lifetime value of each customer by delivering engaging learning experiences powered by AI.

Adobe Learning Manager lets you design education programs that quickly onboard new customers and accelerate product adoption. Use deep insights into customer learning patterns to power new, more effective retention marketing campaigns and boost customer satisfaction.

  • Create an on-brand, self-service portal
  • Make learning personal and engaging
  • Get actionable customer insights

Sales and partner training


Deliver effective sales training programs to help team members sharpen skills, ace negotiations, and close deals faster.

Adobe Learning Manager lets your sales and partner teams stay on top of new products, new processes, and new information that will help them land a new client or assist an existing one. Advanced audience management ensures learners get only the most relevant learning content, while you get in-depth analytics and insights to guide the next steps for your teams.

  • Design your sales training at scale
  • Personalize for relevance
  • Measure sales performance against learning

Franchisee and store training


Certify your franchises and stores to meet customer expectations, and help them drive business growth while meeting global standards of excellence.

Enjoy the flexibility of offering centralized training to global franchises and stores while also giving them the ability to train and track their own teams by providing them with their own instance of Adobe Learning Manager. This lets you ensure consistent brand standards and track the impact of training on your bottom line while also empowering teams locally.

  • Deliver live and on-demand training and certifications.
  • Keep it relevant with personalized experiences.
  • Track performance to ensure partner success.

Employee skills training


Stay ahead of your competition and build a highly skilled and informed workforce with course recommendations powered by AI and machine learning.

Adobe Learning Manager encourages proactive employee reskilling through AI-informed, automated learning journeys and social learning, including points, certifications, and badges while giving managers the data they need to assign resources effectively.

  • Give your employees new and better skills
  • Personalize the training journey
  • Get insights from in-depth reporting

Compliance training


Stay audit-ready with compliance training delivered seamlessly to your teams and built for enterprise-scale companies.

Adobe Learning Manager makes the complexities of ensuring compliance training a thing of the past with automatically assigned courses, scheduled notifications to help employees finish on time, and multi-dimensional reporting that lets you track of who has completed training.

  • Empower employees to facilitate change
  • Deliver personalized compliance training
  • Make more informed decisions

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