Webinar Support

With our service Webinar Support it means that we can help you from start to finish with your webinar. You can focus on the content and we will handle all the support regarding technology and various features.


We have some of the most experienced trainers in the market when it comes to Adobe Connect and online courses. We have both basic and advanced courses, and we can customize a training program according to your wishes or specific specialty.

Support in web meetings

With our highly appreciated support, you ensure your meetings online and can get help with your work in Adobe Connect.


Will you have many participants on you webinar? Then there is a possibility for you to send your webinar to a larger audience by simply using our streaming service.


Discover the possibilities of combining tele­ conference with the Web Conference, a simple way to avoid problems such as poor Internet connections.

Video platform

Do you want to upload videos directly to your website? Then we have a solution for video platform that makes it easy to both upload and find the desired movie.

Managed Services

We create and operate your Adobe Connect installation in a cloud solution configured according to individual needs. With our managed services you can outsource the full management responsibility and have a solution that covers the real needs and adapted to the desired level of security.


Whether you want Adobe Connect solution installed on your own servers or hosted through our Managed Services, our consultants ensure optimal security by encrypting both regular Web traffic and streamed live meetings.


Adobe Connect offers an SDK to develop custom PODS like retrieving live data directly into a meeting room. Examples: live stock quotes, video stream from a digital microscope, music player and small games. All designed and developed according to your wishes.


Adobe Connect provides a Web service XML API. This open up for integration with other platforms and applications. We can also develop applications that support existing data flow like custom reports for webinar participants or students in a training program.

Adobe Connect Mobile

  • Fully drive collaboration and training without being tied to your desk
  • Confidently share presentations, documents and multimedia content from your library in the cloud, as well as photos in your photo library, and ensure that all fonts, animations and imagery appear as expected
  • Annotate and whiteboard more effectively, using just your fingertip on top of your content
  • Drive attendance to your webinars with convenient mobile access
  • Deliver mobile learning and track progress with the Adobe Connect Learning Management
  • System or an integrated system of record

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