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Create persistent virtual rooms; Discover the true power of digital meetings; Customized with your own content, layouts, branding, and URL

Adobe Connect Meetingsis a solution that enables users to go beyond screen sharing and collaborate or meet far more effectively with colleagues, partners, and customers - anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device.

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Personal digital office
  • Meet using a personalized, always-on URL and brand-able environment
  • Quickly create additional online meeting rooms with templates
  • Securely store files, documents, layouts, and notes
Rich recording and editing tools
  • Record, edit, and republish meetings for widespread on-demand access
  • Edit content, index the meeting, anonymize participants, and convert to MP4
  • Distribute and track recordings while managing access
Instant access across devices
  • Collaborate, host, and present directly from mobile devices
  • Enable attendance on iOS and Android devices
  • Allow participants on desktop to enter hassle-free with no downloads
Highly secure communication and compliance
  • Choose an industry-leading solution used by the U.S. Department of Defense
  • Deploy a solution with advanced security, compliance, and privacy controls
  • Support your audience with Section 508 accessibility standards features
Limitless functionality and extensibility
  • Extend the functionality in your rooms with custom apps built by Adobe and partners
  • Build your own apps to enhance your unique use case
  • Use API's to integrate with your other enterprise applications

How to set up meeting rooms in a second?

With Adobe Connect, you can choose from standard meeting room templates or quickly design an environment tailored to your business needs. Learn how simple and effective web conferencing can be. Here’s how easy it is to share your screen with Adobe Connect Meetings:



Start your Adobe Connect room. In the Share pod, click Share my Screen.


Pick one of the three options: Desktop, Applications and Windows.


Click Share to begin sharing with your attendees.


Slick Stop sharing in the menu bar to end sharing.

How to enable webcam for Participants?

  • Adobe Connect Daily Demo, Dansk (15th July 2021) Nordic Region - DK

    Tilmeld dig live-demoen for at se, hvordan Adobe Connect kan gør dig i stand til at afvikle dine kurser, webinarer og møder online. Adobe Connect er en platform som giver dig mulighed for at skræddersy din online-oplevelse og samtidigt engagere deltagere

  • Säkra möten med Adobe Connect - 16th July, 2021

    I mer än 15 år har Adobe Connect varit en säker lösning för några av de mest reglerade sektorerna så som finans, sjukvård, offentliga sektorn och regeringar runt om i världen.

  • Adobe Connect Daily Demo, suomenkielinen (23rd July ,2021) Nordic Region - FI

    Liity tähän live-esittelyyn oppiaksesi, kuinka Adobe Connect voi auttaa sinua toteuttamaan koulutuksesi, verkkoseminaarisi ja kokouksesi verkossa. Voit muokata verkkokokemustasi haluamallasi tavalla vuorovaikutuksessa osallistujiesi kanssa.

  • Workshop 1: Designing visually stunning virtual environments

    Join us to see what’s possible when you leverage the full range of capabilities in Adobe Connect.

  • Adobe Connect Daily Demo, suomenkielinen (30th July ,2021) Nordic Region - FI

    Liity tähän live-esittelyyn oppiaksesi, kuinka Adobe Connect voi auttaa sinua toteuttamaan koulutuksesi, verkkoseminaarisi ja kokouksesi verkossa. Voit muokata verkkokokemustasi haluamallasi tavalla vuorovaikutuksessa osallistujiesi kanssa.

  • Adobe Connect Super Powers! Check why you should always choose Adobe Connect

    Adobe Connect Super Powers! Check all the pros and learn why you should always choose Adobe Connect

  • Workshop 2: Designing collaborative experiences with breakout rooms

    Create collaborative activities and team exercises in Adobe Connect.

  • Adobe Connect for begyndere - 18th August, 2021

    Dette webinar er primært rettet mod nye brugere, der ønsker et overblik over de muligheder Adobe Connect giver. Vi gennemgår hvordan man nemt og hurtigt kan oprette et møde, og hvilke muligheder man har i et møderum (This webinar will be held in Danish)

  • Adobe Connect - Sådan bygger du et webinar - 26th August, 2021

    Hvordan kan du forberede dit webinar? Få mere ud dine webinarer ved at forberede dit rum og arbejde bedre med layouts. Vi ser på hvordan layouts kan benyttes, så du lettere kan få flow i dine webinarer. (The webinar will be held in Danish)

  • Tips & tricks i Adobe Connect - 31st August, 2021

    Med dette webinar kan du få mere ud af at arbejde med Adobe Connect og lære smarte måder at bruge produktet på, som kan gøre dine webinarer endnu bedre. (The webinar will be held in Danish)

  • Workshop 3: Delivering stellar virtual events using event templates

    Design gorgeous microsites and email templates to promote your events and register users.

  • Using Adobe Photoshop to Enhance Your Virtual Classrooms and Events

    We often see virtual rooms that include little to no imagery though, and that’s too bad because creating and using images is an easy but effective way to create rooms that look great and visually engage the participants. This is especially true in Adobe Connect, where you can upload an image (JPG, PNG, and now GIF) to a share pod in the same way you can load a PowerPoint deck or PDF document.   In this post,  we will outline some of the strategies I discussed both for using Photoshop and Adobe Connect.

  • Engage your participants, create lobby layouts in Adobe Connect

    When participants join early for a webinar, classroom, or meeting, it's a great opportunity to engage with them and kick off your sessions right. In this article you will learn how to create different types of lobby layouts in Adobe Connect for the different types of sessions you deliver.

  • When and how you can use the LMS platforms in your organization?

    The LMS platform can certainly help and make your business more successful and far more adjustable and accessible for your employees. It is something that works deeply inside your organization but its effects are reflected outside on the market. By using LMS you will improve the image you have on the market, you will have a well-trained and educated team, you will have informed customers for all your products, etc.

  • 7 Best ways to stay connected with your friends and family

    We are living in a time when hanging out with our friends and family is not allowed for all the healthy reasons which are very well known to us. Nowadays keeping in touch can feel challenging, if not downright impossible at times. We are isolating ourselves so that we can protect ourselves and the good health of our loved ones. Fortunately,  thanks to all the platforms for online meetings and virtual events, there are plenty of ways you can hear, see, and speak to those near and dear to you, even when they’re not physically close. We've prepared a list of 7 best ways of how you can stay connected to your friends and family and have fun.

  • Online job interviews - Mistakes you should avoid

    Due to the situation, we are in, many companies are shifting from live to online interviews, so it’s important to be ready to make an interview by video call. According to the latest surveys, companies have increased the usage of video conferencing software such as Adobe Connect certainly for this purpose by 39 % over the last year. Although you have the privilege to hold these interviews from your harmonious living room, there are still many challenges you can face. In order to help you make a great impression and increase the chances to take the job,  here is a list of few mistakes that you should avoid during online interviews.

  • Adobe Connect Named a 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for APAC Region

    Connect Innovation proudly share the news that Adobe Connect have been recognized as a Customers’ Choice for APAC in 2021 Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: APAC Region. The Adobe Connect Teamteam takes great pride in this distinction, as customer feedback continues to shape our products and services.

  • 7 Best Ideas for Remote Team Building activities! Engage your employees!

    Team building activities are one of the best ways of reconnecting colleagues and make them bounded in a funny and creative way. These activities will show employees that even though they can’t see their colleagues, they are on the other side of their screen. It will make them feel like they’re part of a community.

  • How to synchronize content across breakout rooms in Adobe Connect

    Synchronizing the content across breakout rooms in Adobe Connect has never been easier. After you start your breakout rooms and distribute the participants into separate rooms, check your layouts in each breakout room. When you are creating the pods, you are using different instances for each room because otherwise the content created in one room will be shown in the other rooms as well. If you want to synchronize the content you will need to add pods that you already created in the main room. The good thing is that whatever change you made on that pod in the main room, will also be changed in each room where you are using the same pod.

  • How To Choose the right virtual solution?

    We, as Connect Innovation, are totally aware of how life-changing this past year was and how many of you were forced to move their business online providing the best online solution for your employees, coworkers, students, etc. In order to make that experience even easier for you, we prepared few key points that are crucial to be followed when choosing an online solution.

Learn more about How to set up your first webinar in second or How to set all classroom tools in one place?

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