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Adobe Connect WebRTC - Recorded Webinar

→ Description:

Join this webinar and experience the new “Best in Class” video and audio for online events.

In Adobe Connect you will have HD video and enhanced audio directly from your browser and besides that, you can also screen share without needing to download an application.

With its familiar versatility, Adobe Connect rises to a level that others have yet to reach. See and hear for yourself how the future becomes present.

→ Language: English

NOTE: Connect Innovation is focused on supporting companies and organizations from various market segments and driving the most ideal outcomes by increasing the communication and collaboration with their employees and clients with Adobe Connect.

Connect Innovation is a leading provider of Adobe Connect for web meetings, webinars, and e-learning in the Nordic area. It provides online courses for each and any kind of user of Adobe Connect, no matter if you are experienced, or just started to use Adobe Connect. Our courses are available in all Nordic languages and English language as well.

Other than that, Connect Innovation organizes great webinars where you can get familiarized with the software, learn new skills or be up to date with the software updates. 

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