Deliver personalized learning experiences to your employees, customers, or partners

Personalized learning

Personalized learning is at the soul of present-day professional education, and the requests for them are bigger than ever. People want to learn on their terms and have big expectations for flexibility – they want to learn at any time and place. Employees, customers, and company partners don’t have time for content that doesn’t stimulate their interest or profit their own career development.

Over the last ten years, the Internet, social media platforms, and internet access have become important factors in our personal and work lives, making changes in the way we deal with information. Today, with every information at hand, we want immediate response to recreational and professional questions.
One of the outcomes of these developments is that learners are taking control of their education and knowledge. Learning has become mobile and on-demand.

Today learning can be done on the go, at home, in the office, or any other place. Information can be get when needed, shifting the control from the training sector to the learner. Additionally, learners are starting to have believed that the training sector should provide content that is within reach and selected for individual needs.
Amazon is recommending books for customers, Netflix is recommending movies, so the thinking goes that the learning organization should provide specified content for everyone.

The first step to personalized learning is to acknowledge the significance of constant learning in the organization. It is of crucial importance to build and support a learning organization that reinforces and delivers a personalized learning experience.

When an organization will see the significant effect that learning can cause, and accepts the new way of learning, the next step is to start creating this personalized training, starting with a collaboration with the learners. In addition, when organizations will make the decision to respond to learners who want the potential to get information and insights when they need them, they must create the culture and find the infrastructure to carry out this.

Adobe Captivate Prime

Here is where Adobe Captivate Prime can help. It gives you complete control to deliver personalized learning experiences to your employees, customers, and partners. Take advantage of AI-based recommendations to deliver a hyper-personalized learner home page experience. Embed learning in the flow of work by taking advantage of out-of-the-box integrations with popular martech platforms such as Adobe Experience Manager Sites and Marketo Engage. Deliver modern learning experiences with an award-winning LMS with this comprehensive learning platform - now reimagined to meet the needs of every unique learner.

If you want to learn more about Adobe Captivate Prime you can Start a Free Trial or Schedule a Session with us .

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